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Golf Crush: Mayhem Meets Fairway!. Crazy courses, wild balls, power-ups!

Ready to take golf to the extreme? In Golf Crush, ditch the traditional and unleash a wild world of possibilities on the green! Experience:

Explosive Courses: Master a variety of wacky and challenging courses, from tropical islands dotted with erupting volcanoes to big forests.

Beyond the Tee: Forget golf balls! Crush it with outrageous options like basketballs for bouncing trick shots, bomb balls for explosive drives, bowling balls for devastating pin destruction, and even tennis balls for unpredictable spins!

Power-Ups Galore: Collect power-ups scattered throughout the course to boost your distance, accuracy, and add wacky effects like fire trails or homing drives.

Master the Mayhem: Each ball type requires different strategies. Learn their unique physics and master the art of bouncing, exploding, rolling, and spinning your way to victory.

Trick Shot King: Pull off gravity-defying trick shots and impress your friends with unbelievable feats. Golf Crush is not your average golf game. It's a genre-bending, physics-defying explosion of fun where anything is possible! Are you ready to crush the competition and become the king of the crazy course?

Bonus Features:

Earn rewards and unlock new courses, balls, and power-ups.

Complete wacky challenges and set high scores on leaderboards.

Customize your golf cart with wacky accessories.

Enjoy vibrant, cartoony graphics and over-the-top sound effects.

Get ready to Golf Crush your expectations!